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Founded as a wholesaler of electrical wire
Installation business for community antenna Demand for community antennas increased along with the widespread of television. Please click HERE to go to the story behing the development.
Sales of copper pipe The most air conditioner had been installed on the the window until separate type room air conditioner got popularity.
Started sales of copper pipe for the connection of outdoor and indoor unit.
Manufacturing of insulated copper pipe Started production of copper pipe covered with heat insulating materials to prevent dew condensation on the piping.
Manufacturing of industrial first “A/C piping pack” For better work efficiency on site and for installation quality equalization, released necessary components set for air conditioner installation as a package.
Peripherals HB-360 : Outdoor unit holder In the past, concrete block had used usually to stand outdoor unit.
So as to reduce installer’s burden to carry heavy concrete block and to improve working efficiency, plastic base HB-360 was developed and commercialized. Stackable design brought packing efficiency and shipping cost reduction as well.
Developed industry first aluminum pipe “CAT PIPE®” Launched new installation material for air conditioner piping instead of traditional copper pipe for affordable cost, stable supply and better workability.
Please click HERE to go to the story behind the development.
Released industry first flame-retardant insulated copper pipe series  
CAT PIPE was registered in New Technology Information System (NETIS) which is a database system developed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the purpose of sharing, providing and utilize information related to new technologies.  

We have been developing products to support your life to be more convenient along with the spread of home appliances.

Making new standard is the motto of TOYO DENSEN..

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