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Insulated Copper Pipe


  • Insulated tube is fabricated with high grade dual layer structure which has 30 times chemical expanded independent crosslinked polyethylene foam with thermal resistance up to 120 degrees.
  • Seamless extrusion molding (1/4" to 3/4") helps to have minimum clearance between copper pipe and insulation tube so as to enhance dew condensation prevention.
  • Embossed outer plastic film has high scratches resistance and wrinkle free characteristic.
  • Soft annealed copper pipe is applied for 20m, 30m coil.
  • Easy to bend and cut for installation efficiency.
  • "Twin Dia" series come from pre-insulated pair coil for liquid and gas, can be separated easily by hand. Time and energy for installation can be saved a lot.
  • Remaining length is printed on insulation at 1 meter intervals.
  • Thicker insulation (20mm) is available for higher prevention of dew condensation, which is ideal for concealed installation.
  • Copper tube is complied with JIS H3300 C1220T.
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    ◆About Japan MLIT specification conforming products◆

  • Insulation has double thickness 20mm with higher adhesion than standard type.
  • Suitable under high temperature and humidity construction environment where the insulation 10mm thickness could not cover. Insulation effect of keeping warm and cold is significantly better.