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Insulated Copper Tube – Other Piping Materials

HJ Auxiliary Pipe Set

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  • Compatible with new refrigerants
  • Specifications

    WR Phosphor Copper Brazing Filler

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  • Made from chemical composition which conforms to BCuP-2, BCuP-3, BCuP-6 as per JIS Z3264.
  • Not required flux for brazing.
  • Application : Air conditioner, Refrigeration, Water heater.
  • Features

    MC Insulated Copper Pipe for Floor Heating


  • Conforms to JIS H3300 C1220T, JIS A 9511 A-PE-C-2.
  • Soft annealed copper pipe is sheathed by highly foamed dual layered polyethylene for the pipe of heating and hot water system.
  • Surface is protected and decorated by polyethylene film.
  • Ideal for the connection of floor heating in cold district.
  • 2 Color-corded (sky blue and white) is for the identification of gas pipe & liquid pipe.
  • Remaining length is printed on insulation at 1 meter intervals.
  • Features

    PEM PE Insulation Tube

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  • High grade dual layer structure insulation which has 30 times chemical expanded independent crosslinked polyethylene foam for thermal resistance up to 120 degrees.
  • Diamond cut shape embossed outer plastic film has high scratches resistance and wrinkle free characteristic.
  • Stable insulation achieved by independent foam structure, almost no deterioration due to water / moisture absorption which are seen rock wool and glass wool.
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