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TOYO DENSEN celebrated its 75years anniversary in 2020. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the support from all of our customers and business partners.

Since 1945, we have been conducted business with the company mission that “Contributing to the development of society not only in Japan but also in all world through suppling related products of electric appliances”. Our first step was wholesaler of electrical wire, PVC pipe and its related products.
In the 60’s, so-called three sacred treasures “Television, Refrigerator, Washing machine” were rapidly spread into households, and its construction materials that haven’t existed before were required accordingly.

In that process, we developed insulated copper pipe for air conditioner and auxiliary materials for installation, and then gradually added proprietary products with thinking what is required on-site.
Many ideas popped up from communication with customers and contact window of electrical appliance manufactures, we went through a lot of challenges to accomplish them.
TOYO-ism that creating something new from a place never exist was built from such experiences.

Nowadays, our environment has changed drastically with the overflow of convenience and high accessibility for what we need.
On the other hand, social problems become diversity for instance global warming, labor shortage comes from aging society, and depletion of mineral resources etc…
It makes customer’s needs diverse and requires to pursue not only productization but also putting better service and added value.

When you wish to make an item which suits on-site, when you wish to share something interesting idea for unique product, when you seek the way to improve working efficiency, we are willing to listen to your voices.

We cherish TOYO-ism so as to create new products with reflect our customer’s needs as ever in this changing times.

We, TOYO DENSEN would like to be a company keeps growing by thinking, creating, and staying together with yours.

President Yasunobu Okuda

● Develop a product with looking toward future.
● Supply what you need to those who need it.
● Value the challenging spirit for unconventional

Company Emblem

This company emblem stands for the initial “More” and was born from internal competition.

This emblem contains our sincere wishes for;
More comfortable human’s life with a little help of TOYO DENSEN.
More development of TOYO DENSEN.
The pink color on both sides is from our founded place “桃園 (means Peach Garden in Japanese letter)”, navy in the center shows our enthusiasm aim to be a number one in the field.

For comfortable human’s life